Marshfield's 150th in 2022


Marshfield will be celebrating 150 years in 2022. We trace our roots back to the construction of the Wisconsin Central Railroad between Stevens Point and Lake Superior in 1872. Louis Rivers built a two-room log hotel, functioning as a supply depot for the railroad, which was the first permanent structure in Marshfield.

Join us as we celebrate 150 years of history!

Marshfield's 150: Honoring Heroes and Leaders, Past and Present

Celebrate 150 years of Marshfield History by helping us honor 150 amazing people!  Nominate someone who has made an impact in Marshfield in the past 150 years, no matter how big or small.  They can be a current Marshfield mover and shaker, or someone from our storied past.  We are hoping to gather a wide variety of people, so think of those with influence on education, government, religion, business, athletics, arts or community in Marshfield. 

Follow the link above to fill out the form and write a statement (750 words or less).  A committee will review the submissions and select people throughout 2022 to be a part of the illustrious 150.  Please fill out the form as completely as possible for consideration.  Submissions may be edited for clarity and accuracy.  You can use the Marshfield Stories below as a great example for how to start with your statement.  Need help researching?  Please don't hesitate to reach out to the Information Desk staff.  

You can also print the form below and return it to the Information Desk at the Everett Roehl Marshfield Public Library.  

Google Form 

PDF Submission Form (print and fill in)

Marshfield's 150 Facebook Page 

Marshfield's 150: Honoring Heroes and Leaders, Past and Present Honorees 

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Governor William Upham 

Lt. Alyssa Brenner

Pastor Frederick H. Giles

August Furstenberg

Carol Berg-Kappel 

Dick Hannum

Dr. Karl W. Doege 

Dr. Hansford H. Milbee  

Dr. Victor A. Mason 

Dr. Walter G. Sexton 

Dr. William A. Hipke 

Dr. Roy Potter 

William “Bill” Allen

Lesley George “Les” Leonard

John “Jack” Hackman

Shirley Mook 

Herb and Pepper Martin 

Marcellus "Spitz" Jirschele

Herman Weigel 

Ellen Margaret Rowan 

Dennis and Carol Nelson 

James "Jim" F. Sparr

Amanda Bartmann Henrichs 

Mother Mary Frances Streitel

Dr. Mariella Fischer Williams 

Dale Bartkowiak

Dr. Susan Turney

Amander E. Beebee

Albert James Rasmussen

Margie Wolff

Aloysius "Louis" Baumann

Guy A. Boucher

Vernon Baltus

Marilyn Hardacre

William "Tiny" Uthmeier

Walt Kroll

Roy Shwery

Arlan A. Ferch

Dr. George and Margaret Griese

Margaret Peterson

John Bittrich

John J. Devine

Reinhold Karau

William Duncan Connor, Sr.

Stephen Luecke

John L. Stauber

Benedict Lang

Loyal Strack

Howard A. Quirt

Doug Schneeberger

Marge Bredl

Mary Wilson

Gustave A. Krasin

Elinore W. (Voigt) Craft

Richard W. Stoiber

Jim Rasmussen

G. Stanley Custer

Mary Cornelia Kelly Upham

Fred Beell

Caroline Hartl Allen

Thom Gerretsen

Charles Blodgett

Norbert Koopman

Wilhelm Krasin

Roger Krogstad

Very Reverend Hugh J. Deeny

William P. Pors

Melvin R. Laird

Cyril J. Marx

Mrs. Anna Lathrop

Sgt. Willard Purdy

John Parkin

Dr. Stephan Epstein

Theodore Steinmetz

Clyle Parkin

William Henry Roddis

Hamilton Roddis 

Miss Augusta Denton Roddis

J. Ben Wing

Lt. Marvin Strohman

Ken and Dolly Kobs

Len Luedtke, Sr.

Jerry "Jer" Lang

Reverend Father John Eisen

Chief John Young

Richard H. Schneider

Earl & Carol Nelson

Steve Hopkins

John P. "JP" Adler

Anne and Elizabeth "Bette" Adler

Mike Meyers

Karen Rau

Lawrence Pankratz

Jane Wagner

Nancy and Clyde Wynia

Donald W. Schnitzler

Terry Wahls

Lyn Zais

Grace Ives Maluge

Amber Kiggens-Leifeit

Barb Gillespie

Walter H. Wohlfahrt

Georgette Frazer

Bette Schloesser

Alvin & Gladys Brock

Eileen Kelz

Rita and Paul Meier

Frank and Patricia Vandehey


The Tiger is the yearbook for Marshfield High School and Marshfield Senior High. The digitized collection includes annuals from 1950 to 2019. Missing years include: 1967, 2005, 2013, and 2016.

E-Mail Reference

ERMPL accepts requests for obituary, birth, or marriage information via our electronic form. Information Desk staff will answer them as time permits. You may submit up to five requests at a time by using our online form at Make Marshfield Genealogy Requests.

Marshfield Stories

Then and Now 

169 N. Central

554 S. Central 

550 S. Central 

Business Histories

Kestel Brothers Company

Center City Lanes 

Cole's Music Store 

Consumers Store


Heinzen Printing

Johnson Hill's 

McCauley's of Marshfield

Michael Steinmertz Store-Pioneer Merchant 

Normington Inc. 

Ray's Mainstreet Lanes

Stewart Galvin Battery Company 

Families and People 

Ackerman, John Family

Adler, Anne Victoria 

Adler, Christopher 

Adler, Elizabeth "Bette" Billie

Aigner, Frank and Nora (Vanderhoof)

Allen, Caroline Hartl 

Allman, Peter and Mary (Russell)

Anderson, Ione Daisy Susan 

Arndt, August and Bridget 

Arndt, Martin and Johanna 

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Marshfield Public Library

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